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News of a Fundraising Event for Orchid Cancer Charity – Friday 19th February 2009 – Bournemouth, UK

Male cancer isn’t often talked about, but its effects spread far and wide. As I write and talk about the effects of cancer on the family and friends, it made sense that I was talking to Michelle Fischer of Creative Leadership about the effect that her father’s prostate cancer was having on her family. So when she suggested running an event to raise money and awareness targetting male cancers, I was happy to get involved.
Now I’ve said and written before that cancer can be faced without sliding into total doom and gloom, and a dose of humour does us good. That’s why we chose to call our event ‘Love Balls’, hosting it near to Valentine’s day and getting the issue (not the body parts) out into the open. We know it’s a little bit cheeky, but hope that you’ll take it in good spirit.
Michelle told her story as to why we’re running the event so well that it’s best if you read it in her own words. As she describes, there are many ways to get involved. The key ones at this time are

Keep up to date with the latest on the event at the Facebook page, and let’s look after all the Love Balls this Valentine’s day.


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