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I’ve been glued to Britain’s Got Talent over the last week – two hours of top entertainment every day. The winners, Spelbound, put on a fabulous performance in the final, and you can watch it here.

You may be wondering what that has to do with this blog, and for that we have to turn to one of the other performers, Christopher Stone. Up until his appearance in the final, Christopher was an accountant – with a secret passion. His dream was to sing, but he just didn’t believe in himself. You can see that here in his audition.

When cancer comes into your family, it seems as though everything about it is negative, but I say that it doesn’t have to be that way. Because it is possible to go on from this experience with a determination to make things better – in the world or in a single relationship. Part of that might involve following a dream that you have let slip so far in your life. I can’t hold a note, so for me it wouldn’t be singing – writing and relationships are my passions. How about you? What dreams could you have the courage to take a step towards so that you can, in the words of my friend Wendy’s book, ‘Never Die Wondering’.

If you need any further inspiration, just take a look how it turned out for Christopher Stone in the final – here’s his performance. Christopher may not have won the competition, but he certainly is a winner through and through. I wish him every success and look forward to buying his first album!


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