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Cancer Fighting Strategies

On this blog our focus is on the friends and family of those who have cancer – their problems and concerns, how they are affected, and how they can help both themselves and their loved ones. Often for friends and family their top concern is how will the person with cancer heal? Whilst healing cancer is not your job, it is understandable that you would want to be aware of the best cancer resources.

Information on the internet can be bewildering, so here is our selection of some resources which may help with support for the person fighting cancer. (more…)


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Even after cancer recovery, ongoing health problems may not be properly addressed, MacMillan Cancer support reported today. These health problems may include physical symptoms caused by either the cancer or the treatment, or mental/emotional issues such as memory loss, depression or anxiety (see this news item at the BBC). Cancer survivorship is not the end of the story. (more…)

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