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World Health Organisation

Today the WHO is promoting awareness of cancer with its World Cancer Day. The topic for World Cancer Day 2010 is “Cancer can be prevented too”. This is focusing on simple health changes such as not smoking, being sensible about alcohol, eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise. They also refer to avoiding infections which increase the risk of cancer.
When speaking to people who have cancer, this prevention message seems to provoke mixed reactions. Whilst people generally say that of course they do not want others to go through the problems they have, there is also some resentment. It seems that the cancer prevention message has an implication that those who do have cancer could have avoided it through the steps outlined above. Bad enough to have the disease, without being blamed for bringing it on yourself!
What are your thoughts this World Cancer Day? How can we promote healthy lifestyles, and possibly reduce cancer incidence, without condemning those for whom ‘prevention’ is either too late or simply was not enough?


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